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The Silver Lining

Big government seems like a great idea to most people when the economy is good and its credit is vast. More goodies and not having to pay for them in huge taxes? Most folks say sure, gimme more of that big government teat. Just put it on my deficit bill that never comes due.

This disaster is all about the moral decay of our government. Corruption of both Republicans and Democrats has caused this disaster.  Socialism too is just another face of corruption; It is just corruption by a stupid mob instead of scattered crafty individuals. Corruption has brought America to this.

But the reality is that consequences and bills come due eventually. That day is almost upon us. Obama and company are spending the last credit they will ever have just to get reelected. They are even suing the now reluctant Judas Sheep capitalists who enabled them (Apple, Buffett). They are playing the race card obscenely enough to enrage everyone but the black thugs. They are spending their last tax dollars and their last shred of reputation.

The ONLY reason the economy is as good as it is, and the stock market is as good as it is, is because of the last drug-like hit of money they are pushing into the system before November.

Once the economy is destroyed and the dollar is damaged government can’t provide bribes to the people without taxes or inflation. All of a sudden government looks like a terrible thing.

Lots of goodies and little to pay becomes lots to pay and little goodies. Government will become despised. Even many of the most stupid among we Americans will figure it out then.

At the moment our arguments to friends may fall on deaf ears, but that is about to change. Pain is a great teacher. Economic pain and destruction is our ally.

The greedy fools that elected the elite on both sides of the aisle will hurt and they deserve to hurt for what they have done to America.

Remember: Reality is far more eloquent than we can be. Reality is our ally. That is the silver lining to this storm.

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