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News worth reading instead of Drudge’s sensationalism and slant

Thomas Sowell: Gingrich Is the Only One Who Can Debate Obama

FoxNews ^ | March 10, 2012 | Thomas Sowell

Posted on March 10, 2012 1:25:20 AM PST by Marguerite

Thomas Sowell explains why Gingrich is the best to take on Obama

(Excerpt) Read more at video.foxbusiness.com

Pravda in Russia tells it like it is regarding our Media and Barack Obama

The Russian news website Pravda has published an accusation that the American media is “tame,” afraid to publish news and is “deliberately hiding the evidence published on the internet about [President Obama’s] defrauding of the American public and the deliberate evisceration of the Constitution of the United States.”


Wikipedia Editing War Erupts Over Obama’s Connection to Radical Derrick Bell
Townhall.com ^ | March 10, 2012 | Katie Pavlich

Posted on March 10, 2012 4:31:56 AM PST by Kaslin

In light of video surfacing this week showing President Barack Obama fully embracing radical Harvard Professor Derrick Bell, the man who said he lived to “harass white folks,” an editing war on the Derrick Bell Wikipedia page has erupted. It looks as though editors are arguing about whether or not to even mention Obama’s affiliation with Bell, despite evidence showing that the two were closely connected. It also looks like the page was set as “protected” at one point to avoid controversy. Notice the editing war started on the evening of March 7, just after the connect between Bell and Obama was made on Fox News’ Hannity and has continued since then.

How Bizarre can it get with the academic Black Race Baiter Bell? This is how bizarre: Space Traders


Bell was one of the chief proponents of Critical Race Theory, a radical doctrine that holds that American legal institutions—including our civil rights laws—perpetuate white supremacy.

Bell’s ideas were not only radical, but bizarre. After leaving Harvard (he resigned in 1992), he wrote a racialist, antisemitic fictional essay titled “The Space Traders,” which Ninth Circuit judge Alex Kozinski described in the New York Times with disgust:

Imagine, if you will, that space aliens land in the United States and offer ”untold treasure” in exchange for surrendering all black citizens to them. What does white America do? It votes to accept the deal by overwhelming margins. So says the law professor Derrick Bell, who poses the question in an allegorical tale he calls ”The Space Traders.”

There is opposition, however. Jews condemn the trade as genocidal and organize the Anne Frank Committee to try to stop it. Empathy from another group that has suffered oppression? Not according to Bell. Instead, Jews worry that ”in the absence of blacks, Jews could become the scapegoats.”

Here is the link to the film. A Ronald Reagan look alike plays the role of the space alein who is buying the slaves:


Music to our ears: Professor Newt lectures Obama and the Democrats

“If we had the same level of participation in the labor force we had the day Obama was sworn in, it would be 10.8 percent,” Gingrich said, disputing the calculation..that unemployment hovered at 8.3 percent for a second straight month.

… in front of an oil rig with a message for the White House: “I just wanted to point out Mr. President that this is how they get natural gas. This is drilling. They don’t get natural gas from algae. They don’t get it from electric batteries, they get it by drilling.”

“I want to invite the president to come down to Mississippi and maybe spend part of Monday with me and we can go to a couple of natural gas drilling rigs and he can see for himself, it actually works,” he told the Gulfport audience. “It’s actually worked historically. It’s actually working right this minute.”

….“I have been told that the Secretary of Defense has suggested that international agreements override the Congress,” Gingrich said, drawing boos from the audience. “If he believes that, he should resign tonight!” The audience cheered.

“Let me be clear, Leon Panetta needs to learn we do not have a United Nations secretary of defense, we have a United States secretary of defense,” he said. On the campaign trail, Gingrich has also called for the resignations for Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.


Fun to watch: Citizen Journalist makes a Hypocrite Democrat Lawmaker Really Squirm
Video:Female Democratic Lawmakers Refuse to Condemn Bill Maher’s Comments About Palin (Graphic Video)
| Mar 7, 2012 | FrankStrategies/YouTube/Channel

Posted on March 9, 2012 8:31:23 AM PST by ScottfromNJ

By the way, I did the math myself: Ms. Fluke (actually pronounced like the sex act with an l) would have to have had intercourse 10 times a day with a new condom each time 365 days a year to get to $3,000.00. That is calculated buying retail. It gets even more absurd if she buys them wholesale. However, if she was getting an abortion every 3 months as “birth control”, it might add up to that amount.

Sarah Palin says she was muzzled during the 2008 election regarding Obama’s Radical (Racist) ties:

Sarah Palin talked about Presiden’t Obama’s ties to Harvard professor Derrick Bell on Sean Hannity Thursday night. Palin said that the media should have vetted President Obama in the last election and that handlers in the McCain 2008 campaign stifled discussion about Obama’s past.


More fun watching: CNN Leftists lose their minds and make fools of themselves on camera over the Racist Professor Bell’s Exposure

Bretibart Lives!


I hope to post this sort of thing far more often as an alternative to the Drudge and MSM dominated news. Please pass it on to your friends and get them to sign us at dagnyd.wordpress.com . They should find it amusing and interesting.

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