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Happy New Year to You and a Storm Warning for Asia

I hope you have a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year ahead.

Unfortunately the Norks will have none of the above in the near term. After the horrendous currency debacle of 2009, Kim Jong Ill had a scapegoat executed and abandoned the economic insanity of their “currency reform”. Kim Jong-eun learned nothing from that disaster:

The latest from Free North Korea Radio:


At 3 PM, Dec. 30, Kim Jong-eun gave an order in the name of late Kim Jong-il saying, “The use of all foreign currencies including dollar and Reminbi will be banned. It warned that the punishment for violation can be as severe as death sentence,” according to our sources.

But they do have a new gold and silver coin, new currency, and a new stamp:

Can starvation and complete unrest be far behind? There is no faster way to foment revolution than this.

Those on the inside loyal to Kim Jong-eun will be given the new currency. Those who challenge him will be killed for using the old currency or will be broke and starving. Suddenly they all face a hard choice: support the brat or die or fight.

The people remember from less than 3 years ago what this means for the masses: starvation. How long before the people imagine roasting that fat pig on a spit?

We have our own challenges here in America, but they pale compared to this. Things will get interesting militarily and economically near China in 2012.

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