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Kim Jong Il’s Last Plunder

Kim Jong-il’s last trip was to North Korea’s first supermarket. It was apparently built with Chinese investment and then set up to be looted for Kim’s personal slush fund, as indicated by the people accompanying him to the event.

The Chinese invest, Kim plunders the investment, and Kim promptly dies. Granted he has been on the precarious brink of death for some time, but one still has to wonder about the timing… In any case, it is ironic that this Marxist’s possibly last act was apparently to rip off Chinese investors in the ultimate act of “crony capitalism”.

Kim Jong-il’s Last Trip to N.Korea’s 1st Supermarket


North Korean leader Kim Jong-il made his last public appearance at the country’s first supermarket in Pyongyang last Thursday.

Kim’s final so-called on-the-spot guidance tour was to the Kwangbok street shopping center, where he was accompanied by Jon Il-chun, a high school classmate and chief of a special department in the Workers Party codenamed Room 39 that manages Kim’s private coffers.

A South Korean security official said Jon’s presence during the visit suggests the profits from the supermarket were to go straight into Kim’s private coffers.

Left: North Korean leader Kim Jong-il visits a shopping center in Yangzhou, China on May 23. /CCTV; Right: Kim inspects the country’s first supermarket in Pyongyang last Thursday. /[North] Korean Central News Agency

Ri Chol, the chairman of a committee trying to attract Chinese investment to the Stalinist country, is seen in the same photo. He had been the regime’s ambassador to Geneva for 30 years until he took over the committee last year, as well as a close aide to Kim looking after his slush funds.

A Unification Ministry official said Ri’s presence indicates that the supermarket was built with Chinese investment. “We believe that Kim ordered the supermarket to be set up after he toured a shopping center in Yangzhou in China in May,” the official added.

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  1. December 20, 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Interesting Coincidence:

    Unusual facts about S. Korean President Lee Myung-bak
    Under his watch, one commie head(Kim Jong-il) and two commie sympathizers(Kim Dae-jung, and Roh Mu-hyun, both former SK presidents) are dead.
    Dec. 19 is
    the day when Kim Jong-il died
    his 70th birthday
    his 41st wedding anniversary
    the day when he was elected as SK president.

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