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Virtual Assassination

If you actually assassinate a political rival, they become a martyr. Examples are JFK, MLK and Lincoln.

If, on the other hand, you can assassinate your rival’s reputation, then you can remove them from the political competition without empowering the threat they represent. Furthermore, you can damage everyone who backed your rival as well as the political movement that propelled your rival to challenge you.

Clearly in the modern era, assassinating a reputation works much better than physically assassinating a person. Sarah Palin and Herman Cain are current examples, but this technique was also used to tarnish other leaders in our field. These techniques were developed as applied to Ronald Reagan, Clarence Thomas, and George Bush. It was only recently however that this technique reached its peak of malign efficiency.

The technique has two components: Stupidity and Sexual Promiscuity

When Sarah Palin became a threat to the status quo establishment they launched a concerted effort to smear her as stupid and promiscuous. It reached a crescendo as she was thinking about whether to run for President or not.

On the sexual front, Sarah Palin was accused of having adulterous sex with a black basketball star while married to Todd.  Sarah’s baby was rumored to have been her own daughter’s baby which she had adopted to avoid scandal.  Sarah’s daughter was supposedly adopting Sarah’s baby to cover for Sarah’s having become pregnant from someone other than her husband Todd. Todd was reported to be having an affair with some homely woman as well.

Remember that they tried to make the “Sarah as sexually out of control” story stick, even though Sarah is happily married to a very handsome and supportive “dude”. They tried to convince people that Todd was unfaithful in spite of his being married to the beautiful Sarah.

Remember the creepy journalist who rented the house next to Sarah to spy on her family while writing a book about her? The book came out just before she was expected to announce her run. It was so far over the top and full of unsupported nasty nonsense, even the leftist media was embarrassed by it.

Just when we thought they had hit as low as they could at Sarah Palin, we now see that no blow is too low for them. They have now concocted a parade of down and out women and political operatives to claim an improper sexual experience with Herman Cain. They are grossly playing to the old racist stereotype of a black man as a sexually out-of-control savage. They have hired the political equivalent of cheap whores to lie about him, plant fears of a sexual predator, and distract from Herman Cain’s superior intellect, character, and plans.

There is a vast amount of government money and graft available to the winners of this election. They can afford to hire a thousand women if that it what it takes to destroy Herman Cain. If that is all it takes to buy an election, and this technique is allowed to succeed, then America will be sold to the lowest of criminals.

On the “stupid” front, the media has tried to make Sarah look like a “dumb girl”, and Herman Cain look like a “dumb black”. They use racist and sexist prejudices and stereotypes where ever possible.

Both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain are people from a culture that is outside academia and the DC beltway. They talk like people outside the elite circles. Their choice of words reflect that they are not raised and living inside the elite cultural bubble. That does not mean they are less intelligent. However, it is exploited to create the illusion that they are stupid. In particular, they use foreign policy to try to make the target look stupid because there is a whole set of language, phrases and key terms that are used in that field. Beltway and academia types use such language all the time, but people outside the beltway don’t use those phrases naturally.

Speaking like regular folk outside the beltway helped Ronald Reagan connect with people, just as Herman Cain and Sarah Palin connect with real people. However, it was also a tool used by the opposition to play down their intelligence.

In Sarah’s case the plain speaking was not hurting her reputation enough. More humiliation was needed. So they in effect hired Tina Fey to try to make a fool out of Sarah. They had Tina Fey impersonate Sarah, and that was in large measure effective because of the way the human mind works. Associations are made unconsciously. I actually knew people who thought Sarah Palin actually said she “could see Russia from her house”. (Sarah did not. That was Tina Fey.) To this day it is hard for even true conservatives not to think of that phrase spoken in a goofy manner when the subject of Sarah Palin and foreign policy is brought up.

It was a completely false experience, concocted with the malign intent to make Sarah Palin look like a “dumb girl”. Yet we all have it stuck in our brains. Some weak-minded types actually took it as real.

We can probably expect some Herman Cain impersonator to be employed soon to make stupid “humorous” statements in the same way Tina Fey was employed to imitate Sarah Palin. The fact that Herman Cain‘s resume shows that he has a degree in mathematics, an advanced degree in computer science, and has actually been a rocket scientist, will not deter them from making him look like a “dumb black”. They have already taken the occasional inevitable slip up and played them over and over to emphasize their intended image in our minds. Like their game with Sarah Palin, they have mostly used foreign policy to do this.

Another aspect of this virtual assassination technique is to do preemptive work to make their side seem smart and faithful while making the other side seem stupid and promiscuous. The Clintons know that the political battle is won by making your side look smart and making the other side look dumb and promiscuous, regardless of the reality. Making the Clintons seem like a faithful couple was an almost impossible challenge against reality. However they did make a good try at the “smart” image attempt regardless of the reality.

Remember how Hillary Clinton was supposed to be “super smart”? Her handling of the State Department has been nothing short of grossly incompetent. She referred to her “smart power” approach to affairs of state, and was supposed to be the smartest woman in America. Actual results of this “smart power” were destruction of America’s foreign relations, damage to our national security, and looking like an erratic and rude fool to both our allies and enemies. Remember the “reset” button that actually said “overcharge”? How incompetent could Hillary get? Yet the illusion crafted far in advance was how “smart” Hillary was.

The battle they waged against Sarah Palin was terribly classist and sexist. The battle they wage now against Cain is terribly racist and sexist. It is disgusting that these are the weapons in the war we now face, but that is the reality. How do we fight this?

Usually such evil cognitive spells are broken by speaking the truth about them. At times like this I am reminded of a quote from Sleeping Beauty: “Thou sword of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!” The cure for vile lies is a swift and sure overabundance of truth.

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  1. December 1, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    America is already in the hands of the lowest of criminals. This is the enemy we have to fight, or all is lost. And, as a reminder, criminals belong in jail.

  2. December 1, 2011 at 4:41 pm

    It is hard to imagine lower criminals than the current bunch, but they keep surprising me.

  3. Carey P. Page, M.D.
    December 1, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    Evil cognitive spells can be broken by truth only if people are willing to recognize truth. Many Americans have become so enamored of situational relativism that they mirror Pontius Pilate’s profound question, “What is truth?”

  4. December 1, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    It gets a little harder to not see truth when it physically hurts. Lose your house? Lose your job? Medical problem that Obamacare will make worse?…

    Those things hurt.

    Hey, the truth hurts sometimes! Ignore that you zombies!

  5. Carey P. Page, M.D.
    December 1, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    Clearly the emotional pain of losing one’s house and job are immediate. Most of the worst of Obamacare lies in the future. The “sugar” is up front. Who caused/will cause the pain? You and I know truth & blame the Statists / Marxists. Many (number decreasing) buy the Obama and MSM talking points: ” Bush 43, horrible mess, worse than we thought, so complex it will take longer, tsunami, cold weather, storms, global warming, dirty water and air, homophobia, lazy Americans, etc. All have been “blamed”…..over and over. Some work on different groups, groups whose “truth” remains relative to their particular “religion.”

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