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This Year’s Holiday Proclamation of Marxism by Obama

December 29, 2011 1 comment


“… Veterans Day proclamation post? … The current president didn’t issue any such proclamation this year. Check for yourself. Find one for Thanksgiving, too.

Oh, and find one for Christmas. Not just for this year, but for any of the three Christmases since he occupied the Oval Office. They don’t exist. The last Presidential Proclamation regarding Christmas came from President George W. Bush in 2008.

Now, you will find a proclamation on Hanukkah for this year. But you won’t find one for last year. I suppose after this year’s missteps regarding Israel, he did this, hoping to mend fences. But, Obama being Obama, he screwed it up. Though the proclamation got the dates right, the actual ceremony was 12 days off– and all jacked up.

He did issue a statement on Kwanzaa this year, as well as in 2010 and 2009. ”

Also please note that “the seven principles of Kwanzaa are identical to those of the 1970s domestic terrorist group, the Symbionese Liberation Army.”:

“In 1977 Karenga devised a cultural philosophy called Kawaida, a Swahili term for “tradition” and “reason,” from which the holiday Kwanzaa arose. Karenga billed Kwanzaa as an alternative to Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions. He asked his followers to follow the seven “principles” of Kwanzaa, known as the “Nguzu Saba,” or the “Seven Principles of Blackness,” which are observed during the seven days of Kwanzaa. The principles are as follows:

Umoja (Unity): “to strive for and maintain unity in the family, community, nation and race”

Kujichagulia (Self-Determination): “to define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves”

Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility): “to build and maintain our community together and make our brother’s and sister’s problems our problems and to solve them together”

Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics): “to build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together”

Nia (Purpose): “to make our collective vocation the building and development of our community in order to restore our people to their traditional greatness”

Kuumba (Creativity): “to do always as much as we can, in the way we can, in order to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it”

Imani (Faith): “to believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders and the righteousness and victory of our struggle”

In summation, Karenga’s “Seven Principals of Blackness” are the Marxist precepts of parity and proletariat unity. In a 2002 article, Ann Coulter observed further that the seven principles of Kwanzaa are identical to those of the 1970s domestic terrorist group, the Symbionese Liberation Army.

A self-proclaimed “African socialist,” Karenga has said: “One of the most urgent challenge[s] … of our time is the reconstruction of U.S. social policy … making the U.S. a just and good society in a multicultural and global context. What we have to do in this talking, this ethical vision, has first of all to be separated from the right-wing insistence on morality.” and via

The only somewhat surprising thing here is that Obama is so brazen or stupid that he has not even gone through the motions to pretend he respects anything but Black Liberation Theology.

Still the major media still cover for him and focus on the Obamas’ Christmas as if everything were normal. Michelle is seen in a the official White House photo wearing a blue and purple dress on Christmas Eve, and reportedly celebrating Santa Claus by phone.

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Kim Jong Il’s Last Plunder

December 19, 2011 1 comment

Kim Jong-il’s last trip was to North Korea’s first supermarket. It was apparently built with Chinese investment and then set up to be looted for Kim’s personal slush fund, as indicated by the people accompanying him to the event.

The Chinese invest, Kim plunders the investment, and Kim promptly dies. Granted he has been on the precarious brink of death for some time, but one still has to wonder about the timing… In any case, it is ironic that this Marxist’s possibly last act was apparently to rip off Chinese investors in the ultimate act of “crony capitalism”.

Kim Jong-il’s Last Trip to N.Korea’s 1st Supermarket


North Korean leader Kim Jong-il made his last public appearance at the country’s first supermarket in Pyongyang last Thursday.

Kim’s final so-called on-the-spot guidance tour was to the Kwangbok street shopping center, where he was accompanied by Jon Il-chun, a high school classmate and chief of a special department in the Workers Party codenamed Room 39 that manages Kim’s private coffers.

A South Korean security official said Jon’s presence during the visit suggests the profits from the supermarket were to go straight into Kim’s private coffers.

Left: North Korean leader Kim Jong-il visits a shopping center in Yangzhou, China on May 23. /CCTV; Right: Kim inspects the country’s first supermarket in Pyongyang last Thursday. /[North] Korean Central News Agency

Ri Chol, the chairman of a committee trying to attract Chinese investment to the Stalinist country, is seen in the same photo. He had been the regime’s ambassador to Geneva for 30 years until he took over the committee last year, as well as a close aide to Kim looking after his slush funds.

A Unification Ministry official said Ri’s presence indicates that the supermarket was built with Chinese investment. “We believe that Kim ordered the supermarket to be set up after he toured a shopping center in Yangzhou in China in May,” the official added.

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Revolution comes to China?

December 18, 2011 2 comments

This excellent article comes from an unexpected source: a Marxist website. One thing it seems we can all agree on is the awful injustice that occurs when big government meets crony capitalism. China’s so called “Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics” is nearly the ultimate in this unholy alliance between graft and big government. Here in America we still have elections to substitute for revolution. China has no such safety valve:

Police besiege village land protest in China

By John Chan

16 December 2011

Thousands of villagers in Guangdong province’s Wukan village staged protests this week following the death of a local leader in detention. About 6,000 farmers gathered in the village on Monday and Tuesday, shouting slogans such as “save Wukan” and “return our farmland.” Wukan is currently surrounded by thousands of paramilitary police officers.

Demonstrations initially erupted in September over the Wukan Communist Party committee’s corrupt deals with one of China’s largest developers, Country Garden, to sell collectively-owned lands for commercial development. Farmers overturned police vehicles and besieged government offices. In November, another protest by 4,000 people demanded the return of the lands, the punishment of corrupt officials, and for the village’s financial records to be made public. The crowd was dispersed by police using teargas.

A petition originally planned to start on December 12 was postponed due to the death of Xue Jinbo, one of the five people who was detained on suspicion of leading the demonstrations in September (see: “Riots erupt in southern China over land sales to developers”).

Xue died last Sunday, after being detained by the police for three days. Although the local Lufeng government insisted he died of heart failure, relatives who saw his body maintained that he was tortured to death.

An unnamed member of a villagers’ committee negotiating with the government told the South China Morning Post: “There were dark bruises on both his back and chest. One of his thumbs was fractured and there were strangulation marks around the neck.” The villagers demanded the return of his body and an independent autopsy, but that was rejected.

The village representative told the newspaper that the authorities had asked for the formation of a temporary committee with which to communicate, only in order to identify the protest leaders. “Xue was the most active and most capable representative,” the committee member told the Post.

Well aware of mounting anger over Xue’s suspicious death, some 100 riot police and police vehicles have blocked the entrance to the village since Monday. Food and water supplies have been cut off. Authorities have put up posters demanding that protesters turn themselves in, declaring: “Confessing to police is your only way out.”

Police numbers have since swelled to the thousands. Internet access has been cut off. Water cannons have been deployed to “ensure stability.” A resident told Agence France-Presse via phone: “People can’t come in and we can’t go out… We won’t survive if the situation keeps going, as we have no food.”

The huge police mobilisation against a community of just 20,000 people is not simply a decision carried out by authorities at the township, municipal or even provincial levels. The propaganda being used to vilify the protesters suggests the direct involvement of Beijing.

Days before Xue’s detention, several thousand villagers took to the streets, some carrying banners declaring, “oppose the dictatorship” of the local Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary and his allies—a slogan that has provoked concern throughout the state bureaucracy. Responding to the villagers’ sit-in, the Lufeng government issued a statement warning that the campaign was “illegal” and was being exploited by “a few people harbouring a hidden agenda.”

Significantly, Zhuang Liehong, another village representative, was detained by the State Security Bureau—Beijing’s secret police—while attending a wedding in Shenzhen in early December.

For the CCP regime, the scene at Wukan is a small but terrifying reminder of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, which began with demands by students for an end to “one-party rule,” but ended up unleashing far broader unrest involving the working class.

The CCP is acutely concerned that the country is on the verge of major social upheavals as the economy begins to slow. Zhou YongKang, the CCP Politburo Standing Committee member in charge of state security, last week called on all levels of government to prepare to deal with the possible eruption of social unrest.

Guangdong province, which depends heavily on exports to Europe and America, is facing economic difficulties amid the deepening global turmoil. The province has seen the eruption of strikes in recent weeks, across a range of watch, shoe and electronics factories.

Last week, 4,500 workers and technicians at Hitachi-affiliated Shenzhen Hailiang Storage Products, fearing the loss of jobs and conditions, took strike action against the planned sale of the company to American-owned Western Digital. Another strike last week involved 1,000 Shenzhen workers at Hong Kong-based Topsearch Industries, a circuit-board maker, in opposition to plans to relocate production to Shaoguan, where labour is cheaper.

To defend the interests of business, the Guangdong provincial government has suspended a planned 20 percent minimum wage increase next year—a move that can only provoke further strikes and protests by workers.

The re-emergence of strikes and the growing number of land disputes are interconnected.

Since 2008, China has only avoided a slump by injecting trillions of dollars into the economy via stimulus measures and cheap bank credit. That fuelled a borrowing binge by local governments and real estate developers, and rampant real estate speculation. In 2010 alone, local governments raised 2.9 trillion yuan from land sales. Of the 10.7 trillion yuan ($US1.7 trillion) of local government debt up to June 2010, nearly one quarter depended on further land sales to meet repayments.

The property bubble is now showing signs of cracking. By the end of October, 3.6 billion square metres of property was under construction, compared to sales of just 709 million square metres in the first 10 months of the year. The difference points to a massive glut of property that is about to hit the market and could potentially trigger a price collapse.

These processes are being accelerated by Beijing’s decision in recent weeks to loosen bank lending amid a rapid slowing in manufacturing industries. Cheap credit has only encouraged local governments, like that in Lufeng, to accelerate land sales and enter new speculative ventures as a means of alleviating their financial difficulties.

As a result, protests are becoming more frequent as CCP bureaucrats sell the usage of land to private corporate interests, without even consulting the nominal collective owners of the land, the farmers.

Yu Jiangrong of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the Wall Street Journal that 65 percent of “mass incidents” or protests since 1990 in rural areas involved land disputes. Yu estimated that local governments have seized 16.6 million acres of rural land and deprived farmers of $340 billion in compensation, because local governments often pay much less than the market price. Wukan villagers, for instance, allege that local CCP officials sold the land for one billion yuan and pocketed 70 percent of sum before putting the rest in the village fund.

The Wukan protest is a symptom of the growing class tensions throughout rural areas, as a result of CCP regime’s policy of capitalist restoration over the past three decades. While a thin layer of the peasantry has enriched itself and become a new rural bourgeoisie, the vast majority of people have been reduced to poverty, forcing millions into the factories as cheap labour.

The Wukan rebellion is a sign that, like the working class, the oppressed rural masses are being driven into a political confrontation with the CCP police-state. Unlike the protests in 1989, when the peasantry was largely passive, a movement of urban workers now would quickly meet up with mass discontent in the countryside—a situation that terrifies the regime.

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Cain’s Good Deed

December 2, 2011 4 comments

I have known people who helped out people in need, quietly and without anyone knowing. It was a very Christian thing to do and Cain is an associate minister at his church. Cain claims he did such favors for many people, both men and women. He also financially helped a man without telling his wife.

His accuser, Ginger White says she has nothing but the phone records. She says she never said she loved Cain and, more importantly, Cain never said he loved her. “Nor did I tell him that I loved him,” she said. “It wasn’t a love affair.” That means she has no hot emails or texts or any written expressions of love at all between them.

She is a financially desperate unemployed mom of two. She has no photos or other proof of an affair over 13 years. Her business associate at the time says Ginger never mentioned Cain at all over those many years they worked together. Ginger White has a public history of stalking, financial troubles, and salacious public slander and libel, which was in part about what sounds like a jealous rant regarding black men. She is almost certainly lying.

Cain denies the claimed trip to see the Evander Hollyfield fight in Vegas with Ginger White ever happened. Think about it: Doesn’t that story positively reek of “black man as savage”? Doesn’t it sound like a well crafted lie for exactly the purposes of forcing the racial stereotype image on us?

Cain’s attorney has publicly asked for the phone records. If Ginger refuses then it’s a whole new game. If records from the phone company are subpoenaed and they don’t match, it’s an obvious fraud. If they are forgeries or withheld, then Cain can use this to propel his candidacy to victory.

It will take time for the truth to come out about all that. The people behind this virtual character assassination are counting on forcing Herman Cain out before he can defend himself. It is still a long time before the election.

It is not easy being a black conservative. Herman Cain has faced adversity and won before, including stage 4 colon and liver cancer. He is also going to need his wife’s full support in public to get past this. Thus his candidacy rests on the courage, strength and love of a woman who is a Democrat. “My wife told me again today she loves me. It’s not that she is doubting me,” Cain told Fox News. “It’s that all the media frenzy and all of the speculation and all of the twisting and the turning that never stops, it takes a toll on your family and that’s my No. 1 priority.”

Just today there was a new group formed with Gloria Cain as the National Chairperson: Women for Herman Cain It looks like Herman and Gloria are going to stand together to fight the smears. Women are coming forth to stand by him:

Eva Vachel
Cain and Women

Sibby Wolfson
Cain’s Former Secretary: This Is Not the Herman Cain I Know

Karol Markowicz (2004 Campaign Staffer)
Why this guy’s no sexual harasser

If you know Herman Cain – and I do – you believe him

Joseph Fassler
National Restaurant Association chairman during Cain’s tenure: ‘It’s a hatchet job’

Alveda King
Herman Cain is no skirt chaser

I am standing by him too. The media is forcing a vicious racist dirty trick on us, and only my careful examination of the downplayed facts buried in stories has convinced me he is almost certainly innocent. Some people really don’t want him running against Obama. If these dirty tricks are exposed, it will go a long way toward putting him in the White House.

It is ironic that a kind deed by a good man would be used in such an evil way. He helped out a financially desperate woman, and thus his virute was somehow turned into a sin. Cain did not have any guilt to exploit, so they used his virtue to lynch him in the media.

We want someone who will really fight for us in the Presidency and Herman Cain is a real fighter. If Herman comes back from this, he will be unstoppable.

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Virtual Assassination

December 1, 2011 5 comments

If you actually assassinate a political rival, they become a martyr. Examples are JFK, MLK and Lincoln.

If, on the other hand, you can assassinate your rival’s reputation, then you can remove them from the political competition without empowering the threat they represent. Furthermore, you can damage everyone who backed your rival as well as the political movement that propelled your rival to challenge you.

Clearly in the modern era, assassinating a reputation works much better than physically assassinating a person. Sarah Palin and Herman Cain are current examples, but this technique was also used to tarnish other leaders in our field. These techniques were developed as applied to Ronald Reagan, Clarence Thomas, and George Bush. It was only recently however that this technique reached its peak of malign efficiency.

The technique has two components: Stupidity and Sexual Promiscuity

When Sarah Palin became a threat to the status quo establishment they launched a concerted effort to smear her as stupid and promiscuous. It reached a crescendo as she was thinking about whether to run for President or not.

On the sexual front, Sarah Palin was accused of having adulterous sex with a black basketball star while married to Todd.  Sarah’s baby was rumored to have been her own daughter’s baby which she had adopted to avoid scandal.  Sarah’s daughter was supposedly adopting Sarah’s baby to cover for Sarah’s having become pregnant from someone other than her husband Todd. Todd was reported to be having an affair with some homely woman as well.

Remember that they tried to make the “Sarah as sexually out of control” story stick, even though Sarah is happily married to a very handsome and supportive “dude”. They tried to convince people that Todd was unfaithful in spite of his being married to the beautiful Sarah.

Remember the creepy journalist who rented the house next to Sarah to spy on her family while writing a book about her? The book came out just before she was expected to announce her run. It was so far over the top and full of unsupported nasty nonsense, even the leftist media was embarrassed by it.

Just when we thought they had hit as low as they could at Sarah Palin, we now see that no blow is too low for them. They have now concocted a parade of down and out women and political operatives to claim an improper sexual experience with Herman Cain. They are grossly playing to the old racist stereotype of a black man as a sexually out-of-control savage. They have hired the political equivalent of cheap whores to lie about him, plant fears of a sexual predator, and distract from Herman Cain’s superior intellect, character, and plans.

There is a vast amount of government money and graft available to the winners of this election. They can afford to hire a thousand women if that it what it takes to destroy Herman Cain. If that is all it takes to buy an election, and this technique is allowed to succeed, then America will be sold to the lowest of criminals.

On the “stupid” front, the media has tried to make Sarah look like a “dumb girl”, and Herman Cain look like a “dumb black”. They use racist and sexist prejudices and stereotypes where ever possible.

Both Sarah Palin and Herman Cain are people from a culture that is outside academia and the DC beltway. They talk like people outside the elite circles. Their choice of words reflect that they are not raised and living inside the elite cultural bubble. That does not mean they are less intelligent. However, it is exploited to create the illusion that they are stupid. In particular, they use foreign policy to try to make the target look stupid because there is a whole set of language, phrases and key terms that are used in that field. Beltway and academia types use such language all the time, but people outside the beltway don’t use those phrases naturally.

Speaking like regular folk outside the beltway helped Ronald Reagan connect with people, just as Herman Cain and Sarah Palin connect with real people. However, it was also a tool used by the opposition to play down their intelligence.

In Sarah’s case the plain speaking was not hurting her reputation enough. More humiliation was needed. So they in effect hired Tina Fey to try to make a fool out of Sarah. They had Tina Fey impersonate Sarah, and that was in large measure effective because of the way the human mind works. Associations are made unconsciously. I actually knew people who thought Sarah Palin actually said she “could see Russia from her house”. (Sarah did not. That was Tina Fey.) To this day it is hard for even true conservatives not to think of that phrase spoken in a goofy manner when the subject of Sarah Palin and foreign policy is brought up.

It was a completely false experience, concocted with the malign intent to make Sarah Palin look like a “dumb girl”. Yet we all have it stuck in our brains. Some weak-minded types actually took it as real.

We can probably expect some Herman Cain impersonator to be employed soon to make stupid “humorous” statements in the same way Tina Fey was employed to imitate Sarah Palin. The fact that Herman Cain‘s resume shows that he has a degree in mathematics, an advanced degree in computer science, and has actually been a rocket scientist, will not deter them from making him look like a “dumb black”. They have already taken the occasional inevitable slip up and played them over and over to emphasize their intended image in our minds. Like their game with Sarah Palin, they have mostly used foreign policy to do this.

Another aspect of this virtual assassination technique is to do preemptive work to make their side seem smart and faithful while making the other side seem stupid and promiscuous. The Clintons know that the political battle is won by making your side look smart and making the other side look dumb and promiscuous, regardless of the reality. Making the Clintons seem like a faithful couple was an almost impossible challenge against reality. However they did make a good try at the “smart” image attempt regardless of the reality.

Remember how Hillary Clinton was supposed to be “super smart”? Her handling of the State Department has been nothing short of grossly incompetent. She referred to her “smart power” approach to affairs of state, and was supposed to be the smartest woman in America. Actual results of this “smart power” were destruction of America’s foreign relations, damage to our national security, and looking like an erratic and rude fool to both our allies and enemies. Remember the “reset” button that actually said “overcharge”? How incompetent could Hillary get? Yet the illusion crafted far in advance was how “smart” Hillary was.

The battle they waged against Sarah Palin was terribly classist and sexist. The battle they wage now against Cain is terribly racist and sexist. It is disgusting that these are the weapons in the war we now face, but that is the reality. How do we fight this?

Usually such evil cognitive spells are broken by speaking the truth about them. At times like this I am reminded of a quote from Sleeping Beauty: “Thou sword of truth, fly swift and sure, that evil die and good endure!” The cure for vile lies is a swift and sure overabundance of truth.

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