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My Debate Questions for the Candidates

Ron Paul

Dr. Paul, you have been complaining for years about the secrecy of the Federal Reserve, the supply of money and Federal gold policy. Yet when you got the power as Chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee for over a year now to subpoena documents and hold hearings to get the facts you didn’t do much at all. You just kept on whining and not doing anything to solve the problem even though you had the power. Isn’t your run for President just another podium to belly-ache while not really doing anything about it?

Herman Cain
The most vile racist stereotype of black men in America is that they are closer to beasts and thus not in control of their sexual urges. This racist lie was used against Justice Clarence Thomas, and it is being used against you again today by media whores working for your opponents. Does this create a racially hostile working environment against you as our next President of the United States, and would you consider filing a lawsuit for damages against the Democrats and any other opponents that were behind that workplace racist harassment? Would you prefer that they just come right out and admit their racism and apologize publicly in lieu of a lawsuit?

Newt Gingrich
For years we have heard from Communists that all the examples of Communism have been only partial Communism run by imperfect leaders, and that if just the right intelligent leader came along, Communism would work perfectly. You have been an advocate for a more intelligent and unavoidably intrusive government, particularly in the area of medicine. Has America been waiting for a more super-intelligent President like you to make its government work perfectly? Would a perfect government be preferable to an imperfect free market?

Mitt Romney
Is America ready for a president that wears only church approved special underwear? Is America ready for a President that believes that God lives on the planet Kolob, that Satan and Jesus and all Mankind are siblings, and that the most successful male members of his church will get to be Gods in their own right with their own planets to rule? Will most women vote for a President that believes that polygamy is approved of in Heaven even if it is not legal on Earth? Will American Blacks vote for a President who is a member of a church with a long historical record of racism, including belief that being black skinned is a mark of sin? Is proxy baptism of the dead OK with you? YouTubes show you have also been a political chameleon with current crowd pleasing opinions on every subject for decades. If America is not ready for a Mormon chameleon President, then aren’t you essentially a laughable crony-backed straw man for Obama to easily defeat in November?

Jon Huntsman
As a former employee of Obama, would you ask him for a letter of recommendation? Your own daughter has said you are “more Chinese than American“. Is America ready for its first Chinese President? And if so, can you get us a deal on refinancing our debt with your pals in China? If not, then can you prepare us for our new role as Chinese serfs? Since we have just had a Kenyan President, wouldn’t it be fair to have a Chinese President to give equal time to Asia?

Rick Santorum
In spite of your good debate performance and long political experience, the media is ignoring you. Have you considered extreme measures such as wearing a sign saying “Here I am!” or wearing a suit with a giant American flag? Do you have any disgusting, lurid, or alarming thing in your past that could get you some face time on the evening news?

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  1. Carey Page
    November 18, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    Good questions, all. I particularly like the one posed to Rick Santorum. It is most frustrating that he has not gained traction. I simply don’t understand it.

  2. November 18, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    I like your style, Dagny. But I’m going to guess you won’t be invited to be on any debate panels anytime soon.

    Oh, how I would love to hear those questions asked…and the answers to them as well.

  3. Citizen K
    December 3, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    You missed one which you may not be aware of.

    Herman Cain – After receiving an in depth briefing on the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S., in your hotel room during the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, by a real expert, “Why did you have the lovefest at the ADAMS Center in Virginia with the head of Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. and his cronies, just weeks later?”

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