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Cain Innovating a Practical Secure Border Solution to Illegal Immigation

November 28, 2011 11 comments

Cain Wants Illegal Immigration Issue Shifted to States
The Corner / The National Review ^ | 11-27-2011 | Katrina Trinko

Herman Cain indicated today that he does not agree with Newt Gingrich’s position on immigration.

“The way I would deal with those that are already here, which has been my stated position: empower the states to deal with the illegals that are already here, not some, big, grandiose, national one size fit-all. I believe that the states should be empowered to deal with the illegals that are already here,” Cain said CNN’s State of the Union this morning.

In response to whether that meant the states could allow illegal immigrants to “be put on a path toward legalization and toward citizenship,” Cain answered, “It would be up to the states as long as they did not break the federal law.”

But when Crowley used the word “amnesty,” inquiring if that it meant it would be “okay” if the states granted “some sort of amnesty to those who are already living here,” Cain vehemently denied he supported amnesty.

“I’m not saying that at all,” he said

“Secure the border for real,” Cain continued, speaking about what his plan regarding illegal immigrants is. “Promote the path to citizenship that’s already there, and the path to citizenship that’s already there doesn’t say anything about amnesty. Thirdly, enforce the laws that are already there, but make it easier for companies to be able to enforce the laws. And fourth, empower the states. Don’t give the states any special things to do, just empower them to do within the law what the federal government is not doing.”

Dagny Commentary:

This makes sense to me. It also shows two important things about Herman Cain. 1) He is bringing in a new idea that solves a lot of problems. He really is a creative problem solver. 2) This solution is a lot more nuanced and thoughtful than a “one size fits all” approach. He is capable of looking at a problem from a more intelligent point of view than the over simplified cartoon approach most politicians seem to use. If you have any concerns about Herman Cain, just wait. He is a quick learner and we have almost a year to sort it out.

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How Eisenhower Solved Illegal Border Crossings from Mexico

November 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Fifty-three years ago, when newly elected Dwight Eisenhower moved into the White House, America’s southern frontier was as porous as a spaghetti sieve. As many as 3 million illegal migrants had walked and waded northward over a period of several years for jobs in California, Arizona, Texas, and points beyond.

President Eisenhower cut off this illegal traffic. He did it quickly and decisively with only 1,075 United States Border Patrol agents – less than one-tenth of today’s force. The operation is still highly praised among veterans of the Border Patrol.

Although there is little to no record of this operation in Ike’s official papers, one piece of historic evidence indicates how he felt. In 1951, Ike wrote a letter to Sen. William Fulbright (D) of Arkansas. The senator had just proposed that a special commission be created by Congress to examine unethical conduct by government officials who accepted gifts and favors in exchange for special treatment of private individuals.

General Eisenhower, who was gearing up for his run for the presidency, said “Amen” to Senator Fulbright’s proposal. He then quoted a report in The New York Times, highlighting one paragraph that said: “The rise in illegal border-crossing by Mexican ‘wetbacks’ to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the highest levels of the Federal Government.”

(Excerpt) Read more at … This is from the excellent site Free Republic

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The Christian Science Monitor ^ | July 6, 2006 | John Dillin

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Predicting the Future – A Thanksgiving Perspective

November 24, 2011 2 comments

There are highly intelligent people with a wide range of opinions on what promises and dangers the future holds. Some people say that the financial disaster is past, while some say utter civil disorder is imminent. In particular, some of my dearest friends have read a fictional account called Patriots by J. W. Rawles, and have taken it as a credible blueprint of the future.

It is the nature of the human mind to take a highly detailed and specific story and commit it to belief – the more detailed and plausible, the more they believe it. It is an unconscious mental reflex. On the other hand, it is also a deeply engrained habit of people to think that life will go on and they do not have to change their lifestyle – in part because change takes work and people want to avoid work.

Personally, I believe that both views are very incomplete and oversimplified. There will be great differences in outcome depending on where you are and what you are doing. Here is what I see happening and why:

Government spending will decrease. Even if taxes are raised, then there will be less revenues because the world economy cannot sustain this level of obscene government extravagance regardless of taxes. Tax revenues cannot – like an inviolable rule of physics, cannot be more than 20% of the GDP. Higher tax rates just reduce productive activity. Taxes above 20% simply cause people to go Galt or go underground. The Leftists can have their fantasies of ever growing well-funded bureaucracies but these are all as impossible as government supported rainbow-winged pony farms. I do not believe Obama will be reelected but even if he was and even if he raised taxes, it would still result in lower revenues. This is already happening; it is not mere hypothesis. It is inevitable.

Note that I refer to this as a world-wide problem. Using the American treasury to bail out stupid and gluttonous governments and NGOs world wide has put the effects of American government spending on a world-wide basis. Governments in general have become “too big to fail” along with their cronies in the world banking industry. News flash: There is no such thing as “too big to fail”. These international institutions and their friends have been bailing each other out and using smoke and mirrors to maintain the illusion of solvency at every opportunity. When America’s banking industry and government finances go down, so will the rest. That is why there is such a globally coordinated effort to keep the boat afloat. The big guys in government and the banking industry are all in the same boat.

Playing games with numbers can only go on so long before there are tangible results. This has a number of important implications.

Inflation is coming as soon as the burden of government is lifted. The only thing holding it back is the NAZI-like boot of government on businesses in the form of threats, taxes, regulations, employee legal bonanza “rights”, government fees, and massive compliance paperwork. Until these burdens are lifted by a genuine change in government, we will have stagnation and in due time hyper-stagflation as well. The longer it takes to get some business freedom, the more hyper-stagflation we will have to bear.

Currently productive workers and business owners can change their prices (or wages) to adapt to inflation (and to a lesser extent hyper-stagflation). In contrast, inflation will hit those who cannot currently earn. It will hit via inflation and cuts in real support from the government. Savings and pensions are not going to be worth as much. Essentially, bank accounts and pensions will be to some extent broken promises. This will hit isolated and unproductive individuals most: the elderly and the disabled. Thus financial hardship will hit especially hard in the area of major recipients of health care.

Health care and higher education costs have increased far beyond the rate of inflation due to their being subsidized, mandated, and protected by government. Clearly, the prices are what the market will bear, and subsidized goods and services bear a higher price. Essentially the same phenomenon underlaid the increases in residential real estate prices until the bubble broke. A large part of the American economy has been redirected to establishment medical care.

As people age there will be less available health care per person. It will be expensive, harder to get, and less helpful. As government abandons its support of individuals, health care costs may ultimately be driven down, but people may have to bear the cost themselves. The medical establishment will be forced to deal with the load of increasingly older and sicker individuals, with less government help. Sick people will need something to believe in as an alternative that they can use for medical problems. Thus the world of alternative medicine and medical tourism, assisted by the internet, will grow and prosper out of sheer necessity.

While America does have extensive energy resources, they are out of production and will take time to bring on line. Thus for some time there will be a shortfall of energy that can be produced domestically. With inflation, the sources of energy from out of the country will become more expensive. Combined with the loss of real income from the government, there will be greatly increased costs for transportation, home cooling and heating. Those outside of the moderate climate belts will be hardest hit by the increased costs of heating and cooling. Those who have to go long distances to work or get food etc, or need to receive shipping from great distances, will be the hardest hit for fuel costs. The cost of living in sparse rural areas will increase accordingly.

Cuts in government services will have the most impact where people depend on government services the most. Police and fire services in cities tend to be cut first, mostly as a way to blackmail the voters into approving more taxes. Thus we can expect taxes in cities to go up, and police services to go down. The remaining police will be spread thin, and will probably have to resort to more forceful techniques to deal with criminals. This will result in an erosion of civil liberties in cities, while at the same time an increase in crime. Thus cities can be expected to become less safe and pleasant places.

Just how bad can the cities get? Mexican cities and Detroit provide examples. With the weakening of law enforcement, gangs will fill the gap. Just how bad can it get in cities when the stuff hits the fan? Let’s ignore speculative fiction for the time being and look at real world examples. There is a blogger called Ferfal who is living in Argentina and reports regularly on hyperinflation as well as dealing with crime. He advises the reader from direct experience. There is also a blogger in Bosnia who lived through the civil breakdown during the Bosnia war. He also offers real world advice as to what to expect when the stuff really hits the fan. Their archives are very educational and practical. My advice is to forgo fiction and instead refer to these real world advisors.

The best place to be is in a location with a moderate climate which is away from major cities, but not so far as to have greatly increased transportation costs. It entails a trade off between travel costs and avoiding crime. But then this has always been the case for Americans moving from cities to suburbs and beyond. In our future we can just expect a more dire and painful tradeoff between crime and cost.

I expect a great diaspora from the cities into rural areas with moderate climates. The internet has reduced the need for centralized human activity. The economic forces that created massive cities has changed with internet discourses and distributed shipping networks. Higher education in many cases is shifting to internet-based curriculum. We get higher quality, more convenient, and more diverse entertainment and education from the internet at lower cost than we do from the old media or the brick and mortar colleges and universities. The centers of communication and economic life in cities are gradually dispersing into the countryside.

Smaller towns with a critical mass of useful businesses and rational small governments run by local citizens will function better than cities. Technology has transformed the way we will live, and big cities are monumental relics of the past.

There is another reason to be away from cities besides the crime: Terrorism. Pax Americana is over.

In the past and present, America has been providing military power and cash in exchange for political favors from governments around the world. The intervention in Iraq on behalf of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait is one such example. While our military is not made up of individual mercenaries, our government has used them as mercenaries for foreign policy and economic goals, as well as for old fashioned graft and deal making.

China is making aggressive moves in its declared sphere of influence. With a downsized military we will not be able to respond in a credible way to support our allies. This will invite military adventurism from Russia and China. We can expect wars in the future, ones we are not well positioned to deal with.

The Arab Spring is just one example of this inevitable dissolution of American power as financial support to regimes is withdrawn. Al Queda now has new sources of financial power as well as weaponry. Even now Pakistan is becoming an openly hostile nuclear threat.

Our borders are open. Cities are targets for terrorism, as well as a strong market for drugs. As a result, smuggling into cities is easy for drugs, criminals, terrorists, and weapons. Cities make attractive soft targets that will show up in the evening news with impressively frightening footage.

It is harder to get away with criminal behavior outside of cities. That applies to the kid who engages in petty theft, as well as the Islamic terrorist or drug dealer. Unusual behavior is more detectable. This will be especially true as surveillance technology continues to improve. Businesses that relocate to smaller towns will be more secure as well as more economically viable.

The whole world has been using US currency for transactions and as a store of wealth. When the economic stuff hits the fan the value of the dollar will drop in world trade. China’s central bank will no longer be able to financially support the currency trading imbalance. As a result, American manufacturers will be able to become more competitive in exports. Manufacturers outside of the major cities will have a sustainable economic advantage. Those that hold useful trade goods will also have an advantage.

Gold is a highly manipulated market by central banks. It is hard to know how much physical gold there is in the world, and where it is. I am very disappointed that Ron Paul, for all his good words, did next to nothing to expose this during his tenure as the Chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee for over a year. In the end, gold will likely be the underlying material of value that underpins the world economic structures. In the meantime, it is a highly manipulated market which means that it is hard for outsiders to predict its value. Small denomination gold is good to have for use in an economic meltdown, and larger denomination gold is probably a good longer term store of wealth. However, it is no substitute for positioning yourself properly for the future in a broader sense.

So is disaster heading your way? It depends on where you are and what you are doing.

Are you relying on government promises of any kind?

Do you have expenses that are close to your income?

Are you living in an area that would be safe if government services were cut back?

If the dollar dropped and you had to pay a lot more for energy would it destroy you economically?

What services or goods can you offer people to supplement your income? What equipment do you have to help you do this?

Are you taking proactive care of your health independently of the medical establishment?

Do you have family or friends you could move in with or cooperate with if you needed to for any reason?

These are the practical questions you should ask yourself and your family during this holiday season. If you have good answers then you are likely to weather this economic storm well.

It is helpful to consider the situation using what I call “Here and Now Thinking”. Right now food is being grown and delivered to stores. Right now businesses are running. Basic needs are being met for most people. Economic forces have a way of providing for people who provide for others, who in turn provide for others. Economic life is resilient and adapts to change quickly. It will almost certainly continue to do so.

This Thanksgiving is a good time to reassess what you can do for others, and what others really need and will pay for. You can find a place in the basic economic circle of life. Not only will it be prudent for economic reasons; it is also part of feeling useful, alive, and part of the real human experience.

We may try to educate people about the economic and political realities. It does not do much good to try to educate people when times are good. Now that they are actually being affected – by loss of jobs, by having to move back in with parents or vice versa, trying to find medical care for their problems, and generally trying to cut back to make ends meet, they are more ripe for learning.

We can quote economic wisdom as eloquent as Reagan, Milton Friedman and others, but they all fall short when compared to the eloquence of Reality. Reality is speaking now. People are listening. Death is coming to this unsustainable political monster we call our government. Lifestyles may revert to levels of the 1950’s for awhile in some places, and to third world countries in others.

There will probably not be a wide-spread apocalypse, nor will it be business as usual. However, we real Americans are flexible and ingenious. Economic systems spontaneously adapt. We will muddle through and succeed in the end.

I wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families. I hope you take this opportunity to put your heads together and figure out how to be resilient and together weather the economic storm. Sometimes the darkest times end up being doorways to the brightest times ahead. I believe this is the case now.

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Skye’s Shapes of Things to Come

November 19, 2011 1 comment

Dagny wrote:

Any time a cult of personality couples with financial incentives, there is a risk of a cult getting dangerous.

In the case of the government, this happens all the time. People don’t want to believe that the leader’s dream is over for both social, emotional, and financial reasons. The force to keep on going in the cult are huge.

Sometimes a cult dies because the money runs out. The lies become apparent as the financial incentives to keep the cult going drop.

Facts are stubborn things. They become apparent when the money to keep them quiet and hidden disappear. This seems to apply from the scale of families, all the way to the world financial and political structures.

We should do what we can to wake people up, but reality is far more eloquent than we can ever be.

Skye wrote:

Dagny, I’m afraid that you are right; America probably won’t wake up until the OPM (Other Peoples’ Money) suddenly runs out, quite possibly with the dollar blowing up and all the drastic consequences (how do we then import oil?) thereof.

Although we don’t know yet which candidate will win the Republican nomination or whether that candidate will replace BO, we already know enough to foresee some near future consequences that will occur whoever wins.

Only Ron Paul understands our fundamental economic problem, and he almost certainly can’t be nominated because a substantial number of conservatives firmly believe that he is anti-defense and even anti-
American (in spite of his raising more money from members of the USAF, US Army, US Navy, and US Marines than the other candidates). Paul’s proposed trillion dollar deficit and spending cut in his first year and elimination of five cabinet departments is the only proposal that isn’t tokenism.

The other candidates have token responses to the deficit (Perry’s promise to cut it by 6% in his first year being the best of the remaining bunch) and belief in magical solutions (Cain’s 9-9-9, Perry’s executive orders and 20% flat tax, Romney’s 59 points, Newt’s big government best management practices and investment for the future blather).

Whether BO wins another term or one of the plausible Republicans wins, the five most important existentially threatening problems and their outcomes will be the same:

1) Interest rates will continue to be held artificially low by the Fed thereby causing trillions of dollars of capital to be misallocated by both private and public actors, including into further government deficit spending, and

2) The many trillions of dollars of capital that have already been misallocated will remain misallocated because the entities controlling that capital (e.g., Fanny Mae, Freddy Mac, FHA, Bank Of America, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Government Motors, etc.) will continue to be bailed out and not be liquidated, resulting in a Japanese-like no-growth zombie economy with zombie government supported banks and zombie government supported big businesses, and

3) The deficit and spending cans will be kicked farther down the road because that is the route of least political resistance – until the US Treasury Bond bubble bursts and the dollar blows up – which may or may not happen during the next four years but is very unlikely to be farther than a dozen years in our future. When the dollar blows up, it will cease to be the international reserve currency and world trade will crash until something replaces it, and

4) The US and Japan will remain the only industrialized countries in the world which require most business capital investments to be depreciated over up to 39 years rather than allowing them to be expensed (simply deducted from taxable income), resulting in capital moving to greener pastures where expensing is allowed, so forget about a resurgence of either American manufacturing or another American high tech revolution, and

5) The populations of America, Japan, China, and non-immigrant Europe will continue to age rapidly so that the ratio of retirees to workers will continue to increase. The first four problems are potentially soluble by political means (though that won’t happen with the current contenders), but this fifth one is for keeps. That does not mean that substantial amelioration of this problem by political means is impossible; the Medicare cost problem could be greatly ameliorated by getting government out of medicine and health care, but only Dr. Ron Paul proposes eliminating both the FDA and medical licensing, so that isn’t going to happen, either.

Please note that I did NOT say that it makes no difference as to who is elected. There will be differences, but not in these five overarching existential threat problems.

Can your family and your income survive a period of little oil imports? Can you defend your family against hordes of hungry looters, and what will the local government do to you if you have to do so? Do you have a personal relationship with a good physician who will help keep your family healthy for untraceable payments under the table? Do you have anything with which to make such payments? These terrible problems don’t have to happen, but are rapidly becoming inevitable if the politicians keep kicking the can down the road.

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And a last question for Rick Perry…

November 18, 2011 7 comments

Rick Perry

Governor Perry, You are a man of action who doesn’t like to waste time in debates. America has a major problem with drug cartels on your Texas border with Mexico. Do you think the Texas Rangers are a match for these drug cartels, and if so, would you name the newly defeated Mexico “New Texas”? If the Obama administration disapproved of this law enforcement action, would you have Texas secede from the United States? If the Texas Rangers really are a match for the cartels, and you really are a man of action, then why haven’t you deployed them to at least secure the Texas border with Mexico?

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My Debate Questions for the Candidates

November 18, 2011 3 comments

Ron Paul

Dr. Paul, you have been complaining for years about the secrecy of the Federal Reserve, the supply of money and Federal gold policy. Yet when you got the power as Chairman of the Financial Services Subcommittee for over a year now to subpoena documents and hold hearings to get the facts you didn’t do much at all. You just kept on whining and not doing anything to solve the problem even though you had the power. Isn’t your run for President just another podium to belly-ache while not really doing anything about it?

Herman Cain
The most vile racist stereotype of black men in America is that they are closer to beasts and thus not in control of their sexual urges. This racist lie was used against Justice Clarence Thomas, and it is being used against you again today by media whores working for your opponents. Does this create a racially hostile working environment against you as our next President of the United States, and would you consider filing a lawsuit for damages against the Democrats and any other opponents that were behind that workplace racist harassment? Would you prefer that they just come right out and admit their racism and apologize publicly in lieu of a lawsuit?

Newt Gingrich
For years we have heard from Communists that all the examples of Communism have been only partial Communism run by imperfect leaders, and that if just the right intelligent leader came along, Communism would work perfectly. You have been an advocate for a more intelligent and unavoidably intrusive government, particularly in the area of medicine. Has America been waiting for a more super-intelligent President like you to make its government work perfectly? Would a perfect government be preferable to an imperfect free market?

Mitt Romney
Is America ready for a president that wears only church approved special underwear? Is America ready for a President that believes that God lives on the planet Kolob, that Satan and Jesus and all Mankind are siblings, and that the most successful male members of his church will get to be Gods in their own right with their own planets to rule? Will most women vote for a President that believes that polygamy is approved of in Heaven even if it is not legal on Earth? Will American Blacks vote for a President who is a member of a church with a long historical record of racism, including belief that being black skinned is a mark of sin? Is proxy baptism of the dead OK with you? YouTubes show you have also been a political chameleon with current crowd pleasing opinions on every subject for decades. If America is not ready for a Mormon chameleon President, then aren’t you essentially a laughable crony-backed straw man for Obama to easily defeat in November?

Jon Huntsman
As a former employee of Obama, would you ask him for a letter of recommendation? Your own daughter has said you are “more Chinese than American“. Is America ready for its first Chinese President? And if so, can you get us a deal on refinancing our debt with your pals in China? If not, then can you prepare us for our new role as Chinese serfs? Since we have just had a Kenyan President, wouldn’t it be fair to have a Chinese President to give equal time to Asia?

Rick Santorum
In spite of your good debate performance and long political experience, the media is ignoring you. Have you considered extreme measures such as wearing a sign saying “Here I am!” or wearing a suit with a giant American flag? Do you have any disgusting, lurid, or alarming thing in your past that could get you some face time on the evening news?

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The Lesson to Despots with WMDs

November 3, 2011 4 comments

Before 2003 Gaddafi’s Libya had an extensive nuclear weapons program which was purchased with 100-200 million US dollars from Pakistan’s Abdul Qadeer Khan. Libya had 4,000 centrifuges operating. Libya presented a serious nuclear threat to the US and Europe that was comparable to the threat from Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

Furthermore, Gaddafi had also ordered the successful bombing of a commercial airliner over Scotland; the ‘Lockerbie Bombing’. Thus Gaddafi was a known terrorist mastermind with a developed nuclear weapons program.

Now that is what we call a “threat to national security”.

When America and its allies invaded Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein that intimidated Gaddafi. In 2003 he dismantled his nuclear weapons program, allowed inspectors, and called a truce. He also accepted a financial bribe from the US in the process. It was not until 2009 that Libya’s nuclear program was fully dismantled.

The truce between Libya and the West held right up until he was attacked by the US and NATO.

If Gaddafi is currently capable of thought wherever he may be, I would imagine he is regretting that truce. Dismantling his nuclear weapons program and calling a truce only bought him a few years – after which he and some of his family were attacked and brutally killed anyway. Gaddafi was also sodomized with a stick and beaten before execution. It was a US drone that attacked and stopped his convoy. Thus the US was responsible for his death torture and death. Hillary Clinton admitted as much when she butchered a quote from Caesar: ” We came. We saw. He died.”

So the lesson to other dictators is this: If you have WMDs, use them now. Don’t wait. You may not get a chance to use them if you wait. There is no such thing as a real truce with the Great Satan. America will come after you even when there is no reason to attack.

Assad of Syria? You have those weapons from Saddam Hussein hidden away in your arsenal. If you are going down, use them while you can against Israel. At least you will go down a hero to the Arab world.

Ahmadinejad? Kim Jong Ill? Hugo Chavez? Are you coming to the same conclusion too? Gaddafi may be warning you from beyond the unmarked grave.

What was one non-threat to national security has thus morphed into multiple real threats to national security. After the experience of Gaddafi, no dictator can reasonably negotiate for peace. There is no such thing as a reliable peace deal with America. Peaceful coexistence with the US is no longer an option for tyrants around the world.

The boasted “smart power” of the State Department under Obama and Hillary Clinton is really amazingly stupid power.

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