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Maps: The Return of the Islamic Caliphate?

These maps illustrate the changes in the Middle East since Obama took office:

Map credit is to www.jeffhead.com .

With recent events taken into account, Pakistan should also be turning red. Turkey and Afghanistan should perhaps be pink. Iraq may be turning red with the removal of American and other Western Nation military forces. Welcome to Obama and Hillary’s new Middle East.

A summary of observations:

It took a billion of our scarce dollars, and the combined power of NATO to get one old man killed in Libya. That old man chose to stay and fight and stand up to NATO in spite of the odds for many months instead of retire with billions and his family. You have to admit it took courage/insanity/determination to do that.

In the end he was murdered in cold blood by a lawless mob instead of interrogated. Billions of dollars were hidden and could perhaps have been recovered if he had been interrogated.

Many of his supporters were also killed execution style while in custody of the Libyan rebels. It seems the new boss is as bad as the old boss in that regard.

20,000 shoulder mounted surface to air missiles are missing from Libyan arsenals. That is a lot of commercial airlines etc. at risk now.

Hillary now fancies herself a conquering Caesar with her lame pronouncement: “We came, We saw, He died.” This boasting was for a military operation we were supposed to be staying out of.

Islamists are now in charge in Libya and Sharia law will be in force. The Arab Spring is apparently another name for the rise of radical Islam in the modern world. In the boiling pot of the Middle East, radical Muslims are rising to the top like scum as they kill their competitors. In the case of Libya, they couldn’t even wait for the war to end before they were involved in internecine killing.

The whole thing was a disgusting display of self-sabotage and a waste of our military and financial resources to meddle on behalf of the wrong side. We are going to be paying in blood and treasure for that wag the dog for decades to come. I hope the next time a commercial airline is brought down, people will remember and thank Obama and Hillary and her “smart power” management of the State Department.

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  1. R.T. Wilson
    October 26, 2011 at 2:14 am

    no problem, the media will cover for Zero and PIAPS

  2. MDA
    October 26, 2011 at 5:28 am

    America has fought Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and it turns out has supported Al Qaeda in Libya. It must seem to Obama “my enemies enemy is my friend”?
    That would explain why Obama saw that if Al Qaeda in Libya was an enemy of Qaddafi then Al Qaeda in Libya must be friend of America?
    Now that Al Qaeda is Obama’s new friend in Libya is it any wonder the Americans are completely pulling out of Iraq?
    The state department justifies withdrawal from Iraq because Iraq wants to prosecute American troops for any perceived violations of rules of engagement while fighting Moslem terrorists. This reason pales in significance to the Religious victory that withdrawal provides to Islam’s Al Qaeda.
    It is all about religion – otherwise why would Obama have said that “America will never be at war with Islam”?
    The only way to avoid war with Islam is to submit.
    Imam Obama plays the religiously ignorant American liberals and RINO’s for the fools that they are as he moves towards increasing submission to Islam and Sharia in America.

  3. bob
    October 26, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    Wrong. The old fart is responsible for the lockabi=bie bombing murder of many in teh mid east, and on the high seas, . Carter tried to get him, Reagan tried to get him and we have been ploting all along to drop him. As for teh mideast policy it hasnt changedin40 years , Reagan policy, Bush 1 policy, Clinton poicy, Bush 2 polich and now obama. As for return of the great leader of theIslamic world hold your breath. The mid east has been a cesspool since teh time of Christ. DoI think a democracy will exist , Hell No, its the guy with the most guns. That how Israel exists, they whipped the arabson many ocassions and how? American guns. Its not obama diplomacy its Gunboat diplomacy,

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