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Perspective on our relationship with China

Governments can have different and rapidly diverging morals, incentives, and interests from their citizens. This divergence is all the more important as governments around the world run out of money to placate their citizens. This is setting the stage for upheaval, from the Tea Party to the Arab Spring.

Here are brief excerpts from a thread at Free Republic and an article at the Houston Chronicle. They offer some insight on the complicated relationship between China and the US.

Thank-you Cards from China Pose Mystery for WWII Vets
Thursday, October 13, 2011 | LINDSAY WISE Posted on October 15, 2011 7:46:20 AM PDT by correctthought

The postcard arrived in Ed Denzler’s mailbox in Pearland last month, a mystery from his past nestled among the routine bills and coupons.

Addressed in neat block letters to Denzler, the handwritten note reads, in English: “It takes a strong man to save himself, a great man to save another. Thank you for 1944. From China.

Some Internet sleuthing by a reporter revealed a plausible answer to Denzler’s postcard puzzle: A Shenzhen Daily article published online reported that students at Shenzhen Foreign Languages School in China’s Guangdong Province had decided to write postcards to thank U.S. veterans for helping China resist the Japanese invasion. The students came up with the idea this summer after visiting an exhibit of World War II photographs, according to the article.”

(Excerpt) Read more at Houston Chronicle.

“I don’t know if this even applies, but a few years ago I was asked to drop a PRC Chinese engineer off at a hotel in Dallas. We got to chatting in the car and he told me he was thirty-five years old and had lived in in the PRC (Communist China) his entire life. Being a WWII history buff, I asked him if knew what the AVG (Flying Tigers Group) was. Chinese folks always refer to the Flying Tigers as the American Volunteer Group!!! He immediately responded with, “Oh, you mean General Chenault’s P-40 fighter aircraft, Flying Tigers.” I was taken back, and said to him, “How do you know about the AVG, you were not even born at that time?”. He answered that the history of the AVG is taught in Chinese schools, so that China will never forget the contibutions and sacrifices of these young American volunteer aviators prior to the opening of WWII!! He said many Chinese citizens were tortured and slain protecting the life line to freedom provided by these young American volunteers. He said the blood of those Americans that lost their lives protecting China is forever imbedded in the soil and earth of the very being of China!!! The AVG still is alive and well in many Chinese thoughts, he said!!!”

“When the people of Communist China after 63 years of communist rule show greater gratitude for the sacrifices made by American soldiers for Freedom than has ever been offered by the current POTUS it is a day that makes you want to cry, but also want to cheer.”

“The story of the 1st AVG is one of the most fascinating aspects of US WWII aviation.One of my favorite reads is about how dozens of Chinese farmers dove into the water with one bamboo pole at a time to place under the wings of a ditched P-40, to refloat and salvage it.”

This book is about the best:

“Chenault of China”


“Tells me something about China, that if you help them, they won’t forget.Sometimes I wonder how much of an enemy China truly is…..”

“China” as in who specifically?

“The people of China may not forget but be assured, the Chinese government is not the people and will forget such for political and ideological expediency.”

“Most [Chinese] were stunned that I would be right there in the middle of a job helping them in any capacity that I could.Ditto Russia, when I visited back in ’97, most Russians were amazed that I would pitch right in and help in absolutely any way I could. One remarked, “No matter what a bigshot an American is, they all are willing to take up any hammer or any cleaning cloth and help! I think that’s why your country got so great.”
“It truly amazes me how much the people and governments, worldwide, are diverging in desires and ethics.”
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