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Fast and Furious Favors

The evidence is mounting that the Fast and Furious gun giveaway was orchestrated and/or initiated from the top of the Obama administration. Are we to believe that they gave away enough guns to equip a small army of narcoterrorists out of a simple error? We would have to be pretty gullible to believe that.

We have to ask just what they had in mind by doing this. It was a truly extravagant gift to the Sinaloa Federation Cartel. It was not just expensive in tax dollars; It was expensive in political capital, and it was soon before the 2012 election.

People don’t give such expensive things away for nothing. The Obama people must have expected something in return.

Consider the fact that Eric Holder, the Attorney General, actually has a long pattern of giving gifts to the Sinaloa Cartel:

Remember when Arizona sought to enforce its own borders? Eric Holder sued to keep Arizona from identifying and arresting illegal immigrants. All of Mexican side of the border with Arizona is shared with the Sinaloa Cartel. Their territory reaches from Texas to Arizona. Blocking Arizona’s border enforcement was a very generous gift for the smugglers of Sinaloa.

Just this July the Obama Administration signed a deal with Mexico to allow free access of Mexican trucks to American highways. That would certainly make it easier for Sinaloa to deliver drugs to multiple points in the American heartland.

This is the same Eric Holder who blocked prosecution of baton wielding Black Panthers for voter intimidation. The US Commission on Civil Rights wrote to Holder inquiring about the “broad culture of hostility to race-neutral enforcement of the civil rights laws; a pattern of harassment and intimidation against those who work on suits in which the defendants are racial minorities; and instructions from a political appointee that basic voting rights laws will not be enforced against racial minorities during this administration.” Having such a policy from the top is a great advantage to criminal gangs who in turn work with or for the Sinaloa Cartel.

Holder also referred to African-Americans as “my people” in a press conference. Apparently Holder’s loyalties are more for minority gang members than the American people he was appointed to protect. We must ask who our Justice Department is really working for.

The Obama Administration has done a lot for the Sinaloa Cartel. What is this Sinaloa Cartel that owes so much to the policies of the Obama Administration?

Sinaloa is the most powerful drug cartel in not only Mexico, but the world. They have been accused of successfully corrupting the current Mexican government as evidenced by the low arrest numbers for Sinaloa members. Their primary focus has been the United States, but their operations reach into 47 countries throughout the Americas and Europe.

They smuggle and distribute cocaine from Columbia, marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin into the U. S.. Sinaloa transports cocaine from South America to Guatemala and through Mexico into the US to distribution cells in California, Arizona, Texas, Chicago, and New York. They have been branching out into people and gun smuggling as well. Sinaloa has worked primarily with the most ruthless gangs in the U. S.: MS-13 and the Mexican Mafia.

What favors might the Obama Administration expect for their investment? There are several things that are specialties for the Sinaloa Cartel. Consider the following hypothetical possibilities:

1) Perhaps there was simply payoff for highly placed Obama officials. The amount of money available from the cartel is astounding. $378.4bn was found to be laundered by Wachovia alone. Furthermore the Cartel is expert at laundering payments so it would be hard to uncover.

2) Enforcement and extortion are also potentially useful favors for the Obama officials. Need to discourage someone from running for office? Need to discourage someone from voting for a bill? Do the legislators have families they care about? Threats and actual violence expertise might be brought to bear, and with few detectable connections to the people ordering it.

3) Criminal community organizing is something that could be useful. Organizing secure networks for criminal activity is something the cartel has decades of experience in. Acorn’s quasi-criminal activity is just the beginning of what is possible. Is a riot needed? Voter intimidation or election interference needed? No problemo.

4) Smuggling Islamic terrorists over the borders is another speciality that could be useful in certain political scenarios.

One alternative theory has been floated about the Fast and Furious debacle is that it was a plot to increase gun violence and then get guns banned. That theory is easily dismissed. If the Obama Administration wanted to increase gun violence, all it would take is a call to the Black Panthers or other inner city gang contacts. They owe brother Obama a favor. It is far too easy for them or other similar groups to simply commit more gun violence. Furthermore, the guns of Fast and Furious and their related violence were primarily destined for Mexico, not America. The Second Amendment assault theory is not a reasonable explanation.

The simple and direct answer is that Fast and Furious was done by the Obama Administration, as an established pattern of behavior to assist the Sinaloa Cartel. The more difficult and interesting question is what gift in return does the Obama Administration get out of it.

Skye commented:

Interesting idea. This reminds me of the Kennedy era, where JFK won Chicago via vote fraud, and both JFK and Bobby Kennedy (the US Attorney General) were such good friends of Sam Giancana, the biggest Mafia godfather in Chicago, that Giancana allowed both to share one of his girlfriends. Why? Because the Justice Department was targeting Giancana’s mob competitors.

This also reminds me of Al Capone’s Chicago operation. Capone paid the local Feds to go after his bootlegger competition while leaving his gang alone.

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  1. MDA
    October 15, 2011 at 12:31 am

    On “Fast and Furious” you develop some good excelletn observations and then you question;

    “What favors might the Obama Administration expect for their investment?”

    I think you may have partly answered your own question

    The influence of Sinaloa Cartel was well known at the time of the prosecution of Ramos and Compean. The behavior of Fed prosecuting Attorney Johnny Sutton – withholding evidence from the court to protect a drug trafficker and allowing him to take the Fifth in giving testimony against USBP agents at the trial? Bringing in another USBP Officer Rene Sanchez introduced to the court as a friend and character witness for the trafficker?
    This is done the same year that USDOJ makes a deal with the Sinaloa cartel to allow trafficking into the US in exchange for info on other cartels?

    A few rhetorical considerations;

    -How fearful are Texas prosecutors when Sinaloa members let you know your family will be targeted at Sinaloa’s leisure now, or in the future unless you cooperate?
    -How fearful are Texas Governors when Sinaloa members let (say Rick Perry) know his family will be targeted at Sinaloa’s leisure unless said person cooperates.

    -So what does Obama’s personal friend Eric Holder get in return for weapons going to Sinaloa Cartel members?

    – Who has the capability to threaten a Governor of Texas promising/assuring death to his family members even if he mentions the threat?
    And does a former Jet fighter Pilot suddenly “Flame out” during debates? Especially when all observers thought him as having achieved successful cruising altitude?

    This Whitehouse and it’s Czars are entirely Darwinist – in their Marxist pursuit of “the ends justify the means” they are not hampered by Judeo-Christian morals or concern for law and Constitutions.

    • October 15, 2011 at 12:47 am

      Thanks for the excellent comment. The Johnny Sutton debacle does add evidence of collusion between the Department of Justice and Sinaloa.

      Unfortunately Rick Perry has been very weak on his border enforcement – to the point of backstabbing Governor Brewer in her attempt to secure Arizona’s border. He also gave in state tuition to illegals, and backed the transportation corridor for Mexican trucking into Texas.

      When the conservatives/Tea Partiers found out about that, Perry was toast. Historically he has been more of the problem than the solution on the border. Perhaps he has been intimidated or influenced by Sinaloa as well. Money can be an influence as much as threat of violence. He has made a lot over the years since he entered politics, but I have not properly investigated where his money came from.

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