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The Mormons and Cain

The Mormons believe that the descendants of Cain had dark skin as a mark of their sin, so for Romney to be up against a real black man named Cain is beyond ironic. And then you have his 999 plan which is just 666 upside down!!! Woo! Scary!!

There is a Mormon “White Horse Prophecy” that a Mormon would someday become President and save the United States Constitution when it is hanging by a thread. In spite of campaign denials, it appears that two Mormons (Huntsman and Romney) are both rising to fulfill their prophecy.

There are extensive quotes showing a very racist and separatist ideology in the Mormon history. There are many absurd ideas in the Latter Day Saint theology including eventually ruling their own planets, baptism of the dead, magic underwear, and so on. There are many reasons why Romney will never win the Presidency, and his religion is a valid target.

How ironic that the man who should be President is a black man named Cain, and that he will do it by defeating a Mormon with his 9-9-9 plan.

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