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Sarah’s Gift

Palin has always won when running on her own, and the reason for that is she only enters if she is reasonably sure she can win.  When Cain was in the lower pack, and Perry was up, she probably thought it was possible for her to win and was waiting to see how it worked out.

However with the rise of Cain, she knew that she would only divide the conservative votes between Cain and herself.  That would have delivered the nomination to Romney.

So, that is probably part of her decision not to run for President.

The other reason is, if you read her missive carefully, she  was concerned about threats to her and her family’s life. She referred to “innocence” of “childhood” lost.  I read that as her being afraid her kids would lose their Mom and /or Dad to an assassination.

Perot had a nighttime visit of “ninjas” that made him decide to back out for the sake of his grand children.  This seems to be the rule rather than the exception for those challenging the status quo.  Sarah couldn’t even get that author creep from living next door.  That implies a lack of control of her security and environment.  It was intended to intimidate her and her family.

Cain essentially offered to be a VP a few days ago, and that may have been an overture to Palin.  Perhaps she could return the favor with Cain and be well positioned for the next election.  A Veep is not as much of a target as a President.

There is also the fat ugly cow and misogynous male votes that Palin seemed to never be able to win over.  Thatcher and Hillary are not very sexually attractive types.

Anyway, that’s my take on it.

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